Sunday, March 16, 2008

Orange Roads & Vanilla Shake.

For riding buddies it’s hard to beat JoeRay & Wes. Check this. I showed up with a new bike for a 40-miler in Orange, Alamance County. They let me take every county line and bought me a vanilla milkshake from Mapleview at the finish. That’s what I’m talking about. These guys know how to pay proper homage.

Today was a good test ride. Yesterday was more of a shake-out ride to make sure no parts fell off. Today was a bit brisker pace, with lots of chip&seal along the route. I changed a bit of the set-up, and the bike felt great today. It actually corners better than my carbon bike and tracks perfectly. I did some hands free riding at 30 mph. Not bad. The big test is coming up, with a 225-miler next weekend.

Here are photos of Wes & JoeRay at the Saxapahaw bridge, and an action shot by JoeRay.


Cap'n said...

Sweet ride!! I want one. Let me know how it climbs.

Adjust those rear light so they are parallel to the pavement.

What kind of fenders? Are they Honjos?

Anonymous said...

we saw you three on dairyland at begining of ride. what at great treat, congrats mike. what's her name? ride smooth harold