Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wait...Isn't there a device that already does that?

I just saw an online article about a bike computer being developed by a company named Cerevellum.

Here's the new twist: a small video camera replaces your handlebar plug and transmits images to the small display you see in the picture. I guess it's kinda like the back-up cameras they install in some cars.

But I got a couple questions: do I really need a $299 mirror -- especially one with four hours of battery time? And when the battery dies, do the cars stop showing up?

Yes, Cerevellum notes the device will do other things -- GPS, for example. But it looks like the video feed is the feature that this unit will be built around. See for yourself.


Matt said...

Reminds me of the old nasa zero gravity pen story. You know how it goes. NASA spent millions developing a pen that would write in outer space.
...the Russians took a pencil.

Anonymous said...

The website linked to has been taken down (still active, but nothing there)