Sunday, January 6, 2008

a nip & tuck for an old friend..

Hi there, my name is Branson. Mike asked me if I'd like to contribute to his blog every now and then. So if there are any complaints- it's his fault.

If you've ridden any of Alan's 200/300/400 brevets in Research Trailer Park, you know Yates Store Road. A little fuzzy? Here's a hint: that wall we hit 15 minutes after the start? The one with two county lines to sprint for? Yep, that's Yates Store Road. That short but steep hill is Yates Store's most memorable feature. Or, at least, it was.

Now thousands of homes, occupied or in the process of being built, may be what we'll remember most about Yates Store. Cary's huge Amberly development is quickly changing the landscape. Quiet, narrow Yates Store couldn't handle the traffic that comes with all of the growth, so it's gone under the knife.

The photo above is at the new intersection of O'Kelly Chapel Road and Yates Store, looking south. Technically, this part of the "nip & tucked" Yates Store isn't open yet, but as you can see, it already has traffic. I ignored the sign too, singing "Breaking The Law", and had 7 cars pass me in the next mile. Here's a map where I've drawn in the new road.

Result of all the plastic surgery? Virgin pavement for this spring's brevets, and a lot more motorists to share it with.

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Mike Dayton said...

Thanks, Branson, for that post. An article in this week's N&O noted North Carolina gained 136,000 new residents in the last fiscal year. No wonder the roads are getting busier.