Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Election Cycles

Those politicians. They'll do just about anything for your vote. Kiss babies. Eat smoked meat. And yes, ride a bicycle.

Edwards used to live in Raleigh and I never saw him on a bike. But he ran almost daily. Always nice to see Lance out and about.

Meantime, the folks at treehugger.com say Mr. Obama is the only candidate that mentions bicycle transportation in his platform:
As president, Barack Obama will re-evaluate the transportation funding process to ensure that smart growth considerations are taken into account. Obama will build upon his efforts in the Senate to ensure that more Metropolitan Planning Organizations create policies to incentivize greater bicycle and pedestrian usage of roads and sidewalks, and he will also re-commit federal resources to public mass transportation projects across the country. Building more livable and sustainable communities will not only reduce the amount of time individuals spent commuting, but will also have significant benefits to air quality, public health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

That has apparently earned him the backing of one cycling group. Check out the post here.

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R2d2 said...

Would have a hard time voting for a sneaker wearing Shimano rider.