Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey! The Park is on a Top-25 List / And Other Year-End Posts

In a year-end post, our Australian friend Treadly&Me listed 30 sites that generated the most referrals. Research Trailer Park came in at ... All right! We cracked the top 25.

Treadly's site is listed as one of the links we like. His site is always worth a look.

A few other notable year-end posts:

* Giving the body and bike a break. RUSA Prez Mark Thomas explains his recent cycling hiatus. The explanation: an ailing ankle that now appears to be on the mend. Read about it here

* Mileage Markers. Our pal Surly Dave explains why his ambitious mileage plans for the year have been scaled back to a manageable 6,000K. Here’s his latest post.

* Cycles of cyclists. The holidays bring families together. Chuck Lathe writes about a visit from his son and chronicles his efforts to pass along the cycling gene to the next generation. It's here...

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