Tuesday, October 9, 2007

In the Mail: R-5000 Medal

Sweet! After months of eager anticipation, it's finally here.

The R-5000 medal. It took me three years to bag this elusive trophy.

Here's how the award is described on RUSA's Web site:
In 1961, the Audax Club Parisien created an award for those randonneurs who have completed 5000 km in BRM events. It is called the Randonneur 5000. To qualify for this award, the successful randonneur must complete the full BRM series (200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000k), a Paris-Brest-Paris, a Flèche Vélocio and additional brevets to bring the total distance up to 5000 km.

I began my quest in August 2003, when I first completed Paris Brest Paris, and sealed the deal in August 2006 by completing a 1,000k at BMB.

So what now? Oh, yeah. Get to work on R-5000 #2.

The fun never stops!

Thanks to SIR member Peter Beeson for his efforts in getting the medals in the mail.

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