Sunday, August 26, 2007

PBP Photos

Resting before the start: Jimmy + Ende.

Five hours before and Im still working on the bike.

More rest before the start: Jimmy + moi.

Capn, Jimmy + me in the tunnel at the start.

Eating great soup at a town just after Loudeac.


Capn + Glenn.



JD + Branson

Me atop Le Roc.

Me + Ende on the Brest pedestrian bridge.

Capn + ride.

Capn + hay.

Chris + Branson in town past Tinteniac.

Town Square

Capn + Pizza.

Capn fires.

Chris + JD + Branson. Glenn in background.

Me fini.

1 comment:

David Rowe said...

Most encouraging, smile-filled recap I've seen so far! But did you guys ever ride? Or did you just eat your way across France?

Awesome ride - hope to join you in 2011.

Keep the pedals turnin,