Thursday, August 9, 2007

PBP Bike Maintenance

Through all of my July rides I’ve largely ignored the shape of my bike -- until this week, when I put it up on the stand and knocked off six months of road grime.

Then came the pre-PBP tune-up.

* New drivetrain. I have an estimated 5,000 miles on my chain, chainrings and cassette. The chain had so much slop in it that Ed, my LBS mechanic, was able to bend it -- sideways -- in a full circle. He installed an 11-27 rear cassette, a 50-T large chainring and a shiny Ultegra chain. Ed also put a hex wrench on the crank arms and tightened them down.

* Derailleur cables. After hearing horror stories about cables fraying and breaking inside the shift levers, I switched out both derailleur cables. I’ll ride this weekend and check for stretching and indexing issues.

* Tires & wheels. My rear tire showed signs of wear during the ride to Mount Mitchell. Last week I installed a new Michelin Pro Race. The front tire on the Schmidt wheel appears to be fine. I’m leaving that one on but will carry a spare tire just in case. I put both wheels in the truing stand and checked for loose spokes.

* Lights.
I bought three new bulbs for my E6 light from Gilbert. I installed one and am carrying the other two. I’m also putting new batteries in my two taillights.

I think I’m good to go on the bike front.

Up next: the packing list.

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Cap'n said...

Where is the packing list. I'm rady to go.