Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In The Blogs / On The Lists

* The first iPermanent? RUSA president Mark Thomas and a few of the usual SIR suspects, including Mark’s longtime riding partner, the indefatigable Peter McKay (say that three times fast), recently completed the first-ever ride of the Black Diamond to Sunrise permanent. The route makes an impressive climb up Mount Rainier to Sunrise lodge and visitor center, located at 6,400 feet. In another impressive feat, Mark apparently became the first cyclist to photograph a permanent with an iPhone. Check out the picture here.

* What bats? Wombats. Fellow blogger Amy has an entertaining discussion about wombats and a “Slab of Beer” on her site. And wouldn’t you know it? Our friend Adrian wandered smack dab into the middle of the conversation.

* A real stinger. In the land of Oz, our friend Surly Dave knows all about wombats. Read about his encounter with one of those "solid little buggers" in the comments section of Amy's post. Celebrating his 100th blog entry, Dave has made a bold move and posted a picture of himself, aged 19, “with some mates who used to race together in a team we called “The Bumblebees.’” Ah, yes, the Mighty Bumblebees. But Dave, with those horizontal black-yellow stripes, how was “Yellow Jackets” ever overlooked? Check out the great picture here.

* Heat stroke? Several of the N.C. riders, including Branson, Jerry, Paul P, Chet and Cyndi, recently rode our 1000K in three days of blazing heat. How hot was it? There was speculation on the N.C. randon list that our riding buddy Branson may have blistered a brain cell or two. The proof: The day after he finished the ride, he and his wife went to see the movie "Waitress," which features a character spouting spontaneous poetry. That evening, Branson tried his hand at a little verse of his own, sending me this "Spontaneous Brevet Poetry" which he claimed to be "making up, right now on the spot:"

Long rides are like people,
(Over there,
there's a steeple.)
Just when you think
you've got them figured out,
they jump up,
and give a shout.

The end.

Somebody call a doctor.

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