Thursday, July 5, 2007

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Unhappy with the trail of your front fork? Got a bothersome shimmy when riding hands-free?

Time to try a rerake. David Rowe does just that, with help from Portland custom frame builder Tony Pereira, in an entry he calls "Extreme Measures."

How'd it work out? Apparently, well enough to get him through last weekend's Glacier 1000K. Rowe was listed on the Oregon Randonneurs site as a finisher at 69:32.

Meantime, in one listserv posting about that event, Oregon rider Michael Rasmussen asserted it had "the first ever flight of stairs" in an official brevet route.

That drew a fun response from Peter M in Australia:

Maybe the first set of steps on your continent, but here in Melbourne we have a regular bike path event which includes a couple of killer sets of steps. One is slightly more user friendly than the other as it includes a little track beside the steps you can wheel the bike up.

Which, in turn, drew this tongue-in-cheek response from Keith K:
I think we'd have to get an official International Randonneuring ruling on this one :) If your stairs in Melbourne are like the Sydney Harbor Bridge steps then they have a semi-usable ramp, not just steps. As I recall it's a good test of the brakes coming down.

No word yet on when that ruling by IR will be issued...

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AHands said...

Ramps are cool! They have then in the UK and in the ROC ( here's a picture of one that I took in Shanghai)--are they standard everywhere except the U.S.? You can ride 'em, or walk your bike up/down 'em. Motorcycles ride 'em too.