Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RAGBRAI Day 3 -- 57 miles to Ames, IA

Scott and I haven't been able to hook up for the interview but we have a few days left. I did ride with him for a few minutes today which was a treat for me. We reminisced about PBP and his many experiences there. The interview will happen; it just might take a couple more days.

The ride to Ames was described ahead of time by Brian Duffy, a rider and cartoonist for the Register, as a Cupcake. He pretty much nailed it. Beautiful weather, favorable winds, and a flat route except for one hill. However, the newspaper stories made that one hill sound like a killer. I guess most of these folks don't have experience on the hills we have in the Piedmont.

Ames and Iowa State University were very welcoming to the throngs of people. There were people lining the route into the city and cheering. As we came into an area called Campus City, every rider was given a Cardinal and Gold ISU bandanna. There was a great concert last night by Styx and later the Nadas, a local band that has grown in popularity. A fun night for all.

Since Team Skunk is an Ames based team, most of the riders went home for the night. Curtis and I were hosted by his (and Beth's) first cousin Carol Madsen and her husband Greg. Beth is now staying with Carol for a few days--we all had a nice reunion. A home cooked meal, a real shower, and a comfortable matress were very welcome.

Day 4 promised to be cooler but longer--and then came the wind. Ironic and foretelling that the Iowa State mascot is a Cyclone.

(I'll download pictures when I have my flash drive, camera, and access to a laptop at the same time).

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