Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lake Loop Oct 13 2007

Sure it's the same old Loop. As JoeRay pointed out we've done the 130-mile course exactly 3.5 zillion times. But on Saturday's ride, we found ways to make it new.

The result: a very leisurely 200K, complete with a sit-down lunch at Rose's in Boydton. Table for nine, please! Along for the ride were (l-r above): Charles, Bob, JoeRay, Dean, Lin, Branson, Jerry, Byron and yours truly.

The best new improvement: Catering by Branson & Jerry. True to his word, Branson showed up with a bulging bag of pain au chocolat, while Jerry served up the cafe au lait. For a moment, we were transported back to France for our very first le petit déjeuner au tailgate. Thanks, guys!

Here's our newest N.C. rider, Charles Lathe, a transplanted SIR rider who has settled in Randolph County. We're glad to have him -- Seattle's loss is our gain. The owner and one-man builder of Coho Bicycles, Charles rode one of his own lugged steel creations and we had a fine time admiring the details and set-up.

Speaking of rides, here's Jerry's new Mongoose. Also, Jerry had on a new (to me) Houston Randonneurs jersey. Gotta love that bug-eyed dog!

Here's another view. "Houston, we have a problem (pet)."

Not to be outdone, JoeRay had another new clothing purchase to show off: His Curious George t-shirt like the one the lady was wearing last month in Clarksville. We like em so much, this may become the official Lake Loop Team Issue T-Shirt.

Something else new: I moved the control from Uppy's in Clarksville to the Skipwith Grocery. The Grocery is the only business in town besides the Post Office. It's a little smoky inside, but even so made for a more relaxed stop. The locals seemed genuinely interested in what we were up to. Click on the picture and check out that hand-painted sign.

Here we are in loitering mode.

For those who can't get enough of a good time, here's the slideshow. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! I wish it was that warm here in Iowa!