Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cajun Man on the Danbury 200K

My old buddy Cajun Man made an appearance on our permanent yesterday. He hadn't been around much lately, and being his first brevet, I wanted to get his take on the ride..

So what did you think of your first permanent, Cajun Man?

CM: Ee-lay-shawn!

Wow, you had that much fun in the cold?


Wearing the right clothes can make all the difference. What did you think of the route?


I thought so too, much hillier than I expected, especially near the turnaround. Did you have a favorite town?


Mayodan was cool. We came through after their Christmas parade and candy covered the street. Any mechanicals on the ride?


You had a flat? What caused it?


Oh- you ran over one of those candy canes from the parade. Guess they can get a little sharp! What was your biggest challenge?


Almost missed some turns, huh? How did you overcome it?

Jerry et By-rawn.

They did "save our ba-cawn" a few times. Next ride, you need to keep that cue sheet where you can see it. How was riding after sunset?

Ample ee-loo-mi-nay-shawn.

Byron's IQ Fly is one sweet set-up. Were you hungry after the ride?


What did you eat?

Mmmm, Mex-i-cawn!

Anything you want to say to the permanent owner, John B?


Ditto. Thanks, John, for a putting together such a nice route. What about our riding buddies, Jerry and Byron?


Errrr.. careful what you say about men wearing spandex. But they were great company. Well, take care, Cajun Man. Let's ride again soon!

Sal-yoo-tay-shawn 'til Den-tawn!

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