Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mountain Training Camp

The big day: 90 miles, 9,000 vertical feet. Salsa & Spaghetti. No Internet. Grandfather Mountain. Grandmother Mountain. Fountains of Wayne. Blue Ridge Parkway, blueberry dessert, wild blueberries. Tubs of French vanilla. Tape of the Tour de France. Lunch at Sharpies, the skinny boys and the skin-free chicken sandwiches. Hold the Mayo. Texas chicken breasts. Gully-washing rain. A feud among friends about the bonus loop. Climb and climb. In and out of the overlooks. Free to a good home: one kitten. Shulls Mill Road. 221. Free financial advice from the Blowhard in Blowing Rock. Dead crow. Laundry. Put the lyrca on high heat and watch em run. Why was the hardest climb of the day always the last one? A miracle: the knee heels. JoeRay vs. Smolke: a story interrupted. Wine, wind and winded. Harold Lloyd. Safety first? Safety Last. Mountain Training Camp.

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